Water quality

Water is particularly vulnerable to pollution. Due to toxic substances from farms, cities and factories that easily dissolve in it.

Water is one of the most soluble liquids on our planet. Toxic substances from farms, cities and factories dissolve easily and mix with it, causing its pollution.

Why is it important to monitor water quality?

More and more our rivers, reservoirs, lakes and seas are drowning in chemicals, waste, plastics and other pollutants. And they need to be parameterized to act accordingly.

And as far as we are concerned, we humans are very much affected by the disruption of the food chain.

Water Quality Solutions

We offer complete IoT solutions, from hardware to software.



Prevention of flooding caused by rainfall. Providing warnings allows people to manage the effects on places and things.

Runoff (surface water) quality control

Runoff is a difficult source of contamination to locate. Controlling this type of area allows for a reduction in pollution.


Measuring values such as pH, temperature and other parameters, allows a saving in money and time of aquaculture activities.

Chemical residues in water

Measure and control wastewater process parameters.

Drinking water

Securing areas of drinking water allows for the prevention of disease in the population.

If you would like to know how to integrate our solutions in a specific aquatic area, contact us.

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