Water Quality

Water is one of the most soluble liquids on our planet. We can avoid its contamination and bad condition through the monitoring of its properties.


Water is particularly vulnerable to pollution and is one of the most soluble liquids on our planet. Managing its state in many processes, allows to control the toxic substances that can easily dissolve with it, causing its contamination.

Improve water quality

Reduction of costs and water consumption

Predicting leaks and possible failures


In what water situations can our technology be used?


Prevention of flooding caused by rainfall.

Hydroponic agriculture

To control the mineral solutions of the activities of the hydroponics.

Chemical residues in wastewater

To study the daily behavior of a city through sewage.

Surface water

Monitor runoff to determine its dry weather and washout characteristics during a rainy event.

Production of beer, wine, alcohol or food

Manage water parameters for the production of many elements of the food chain.

Drinking water

Securing areas of drinking water allows for the prevention of disease in the population.


Water quality is crucial for fish farming and its biological limits.


Measuring nitrate and nitrite values allows to know if the threshold of what is allowed in wells is exceeded.

Heavy metal content in water

Heavy metals in high concentrations are toxic for consumption and cultivation.

Our product

Tremor is a device that can be connected to a maximum of 5 sensors, solar panel, USB cable for programming and two antennas to communicate. You can use it in your projects as a company or in your solutions as an end user.

– Inteligencia artificial para desarrollar modelos predictivos en base a las medidas de los sensores.

Most used tremor sensors in water quality

– Liquid level sensor.

– Dissolved oxygen sensor.

– Sensor for oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

– Flow meter.

– Leak and flood sensor.

– pH sensor.

– Conductivity sensor.

– Temperature sensor in liquids.

– Pressure and quantity of liquids.

– Ultrasound sensor (liquid level).

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