Tremor oneV

An IoT device with artificial intelligence that incorporates the integration of a variety of sensors to capture any information from its environment and transmit it to the Internet.

If you have a project where you have to measure through sensor technology, tremor is the device in charge of managing such data.

Initial price from 399 euros

Main features

– It has a catalog of more than 50 different sensors to connect them.

-Radio technologies: WiFi, EGPRS, LTE-M (4G), Nb-IoT, SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, Ethernet(LAN), LoRa, Zigbee, WiFiMESH and Bluetooth/BLE.

– Compatibility with the main CLOUD platforms: AWS IoT (Amazon), Azure IoT (Microsoft), Telegram, ThingSpeak, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, MQTT* and others.

-Custom programming included for each solution.

– Updates via WiFi or 4G.

– It can be powered by solar panel or USB.

– Weather protection (IP65).

– Artificial intelligence to develop predictive models based on sensor measurements.

-Peripherals included: SD card, Ethernet and SPI protocols, UART, SDI12, I2S and I2C.

-Integrated accelerometer and hall effect sensors.

– Ultra low power consumption (5uA sleep mode).

– Scalability in a wide range of applications.

Use features

Catalog of 50 sensors

Up to 5 sensors can be connected to each tremor device. Our catalog has more than 50 different sensors compatible and programmed to be connected to tremor in a simple way with screw type connectors. You can change sensors and applications at any time.

Radio technologies

In order to cover all kinds of places, Tremor can work as a node or as a gateway. That is why it uses different communication technologies. To exchange information between tremor devices (nodes), it uses the following technologies: LoRa, WiFiMESH, Zigbee or Bluetooth/BLE. To act as a gateway and send information to the cloud (internet), it uses the following technologies: WiFi, EGPRS, LTE-M (4G), Nb-IoT, GSM, SIGFOX, LoRaWAN or Ethernet (LAN). For the price of the same device, you can create both a node and a gateway.

CLOUD Platforms

Tremor is compatible with the best current CLOUD platforms. This allows the customer to freely choose between each of them according to his preferences. The most used CLOUD platforms are: AWS IoT (Amazon), Azure IoT, Alibaba CLOUD, Cumulocity IoT, IBM CLOUD, ThingSpeak, Blynk, Ubidots or Telegram. It is also possible to send the information to other customer websites.

Customized programming

Each tremor device has the ability to be programmed according to its intended use and also allows for reprogramming once purchased. There are several ways to program it, through USB with a computer or through OTA (Over The Air) updates.

Solar panel for high power applications

Tremor has a 6600 mah battery to give a long lasting autonomy over the years, but in the applications where the power increases, we offer the possibility to install a solar panel to recharge the battery. Also, the battery can be recharged via USB cable.

Artificial intelligence integrated into the device

We offer an additional service based on neural networks for situations where the data generated by the sensors is inconclusive or not interpretable. For this purpose, additional software is installed in tremor that analyzes the information from the sensors before it even reaches the cloud.

If you would like to know how to integrate our tremor device into your solutions, please contact us.

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