Sensors in smart industry

Industry can talk and in collyra with our sensors, we give the tools to listen to them.

Predicting breakdowns before they occur or alerting you when a critical error is about to occur is one of our goals.

With our solutions, we aim to reduce inefficiencies such as downtime, degraded resources and energy waste in today’s industrial ecosystems.

What if your industry could respond?

Saving energy by managing it remotely and automatically detecting leaks.

Prevention of breakdowns by remotely monitoring consumption levels.

Equipment failure prediction with continuous performance monitoring.

Improve response time with mobile alerts.

Accurate measurement of production rates.

Achieve production targets by monitoring the pace of production.

Solutions for the industry

We offer complete IoT solutions, from hardware to software.


Hazardous gases

Gas level control in industrial hazardous environments.

Location of workers and material

Manage the number of people in the plant or critical materials using RF cards or derivatives.

Filling parameter control

Monitoring of parameters such as filling level or temperature to avoid accidents.

Supply Chain Management

Storage control and product tracking.

M2M (machine to machine) communication

Predictive maintenance, control of assets and creation of alarms and warnings.

Quality in transport

Real-time control of hits, openings or management of the cold chain (security).

If you want to know how to integrate our solutions in your industry, do not hesitate to contact us.

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