The machines can talk and at Collyra with our solution “Smart Factory”, we give the tools to listen to them.

What if your factory could answer you?

Predict breakdowns before they occur or alert you when a critical error is about to occur.

With our solution, your factory can communicate with you in real time, sharing useful information through control panels and activating customized alerts.


In today’s manufacturing ecosystems, inefficiencies such as downtime, depleted resources and wasted energy slow productivity.

Our solution provides intelligent sensor data collection, analysis and visualization through smart screens and applications to identify and track machine failures and save energy and time.

  •   Asset Monitoring, Maintenance and Optimization: Monitoring and analysis of volume, pressure, temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.

  • Industrial Automation: Using our protocols you can connect anything from any plant to share that information in multiple locations, automating workflows and optimizing production systems.

  • Energy Management: Monitoring and analysis of voltage, temperature, fan and pump sensors.

  • Supply chain optimization: RGB vision tracking and preventive maintenance programming. Sensors to be able to carry out an exhaustive control of the location and current state of the raw material.

We are helping industries such as energy, oil, logistics and manufacturing to reduce production costs and improve efficiency with information and data generated in real time.

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