Protecting workers in hazardous locations, e.g. industries, oil rigs or mines, where they are near hazardous materials such as flammable liquids or toxic gases is one of the objectives in this section. From Collyra we developed a platform of sensors for monitor these environments, where we collect data on gas, fire, climate and other crucial data in real time.


Going a little deeper, this project aims to monitor any manufacturing plant remotely to determine temperature, movement, humidity and carbon dioxide, etc., sending the data remotely to your email/mobile/PC about the current climate and concentration of gases in the plant. The program also establishes parameters that, if the results are not within a few intervals, will report the results with a warning for immediate action to be taken to avoid risks.

This whole system can help to detect harmful gases such as CO (very dangerous for humans) and flammable gases such as H2 and some unwanted ones such as VOCs and CO2 as well.

So the exhaust fans will be controlled in this way, and if they get too high, i.e. out of control, the owner or special services will be warned.

This leads to an optimisation in the aspect of detecting flammable gases and the possibility of fires and accidents occurring, saving lives and avoiding damage to infrastructure.

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