Control of COVID19 transmission in closed spaces

We present a kit for the detection of CO2, humidity, temperature and people counting in indoor places. Designed for any business.


Tea plantations (Galicia, Spain)

Sensor platform to obtain real-time data on factors affecting tea quality during the cultivation and production processes.


Hazardous working environments (Valencia, Spain)

Solution for monitoring hazardous environments, where gas, fire, weather and other crucial data is collected in real time.

Water quality

Water quality study (Munich, Germany)

Water quality measurement platform at Feldmochinger See. Collection of data such as PH, TDS, ORP or temperature.


Environmental pollution management (Granada, Spain)

Measurement of the main gases that contribute to pollution in a city. Gases such as CO, NO2, SO2, PM particles and others. An alternative to large measurement stations.


Olive plantations (Jaén, Spain)

Control of the irrigation system using sensors to measure soil moisture and prevent water leaks.


Interior Quality (Almeria, Spain)

Solution for accurate indoor data. Measurement of parameters such as humidity, temperature, light and CO2.


IoT sensors in contact sports (Granada, Spain)

Solution to provide an extra help to coaches and athletes when monitoring effective strokes in any scoring area.

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