Artificial intelligence-based software for our Tremor devices and sensors.

A tool to make decisions based on the information obtained.

Why use artificial intelligence software?

Being able to control parameters 24 hours a day, is a tool that saves money, time and resources.

But there are certain occasions, where the data obtained are not conclusive.

There may be several different combinations of the data obtained, which could indicate a problem but are not immediately obvious when looking at the data.

What can artificial intelligence do?

Applying artificial intelligence software to this type of IoT solutions (sensors, drones, satellite data), means that each of these solutions will be more intelligent than the first day it was used.

They will elaborate much more optimal data to recognize parameters that avoid accidents or losses, when at first sight it seems that the information generated is not warning of something.


Saving devices

Customers who want to incorporate IoT technology into their operations can only afford a limited number of measuring devices due to their high price.

With AI software, it is possible to reduce the number of devices required per operation.

Data History

Users who decide to integrate IoT technology from scratch do not have a history of their holdings to make sense of future actions.

With an AI software, the time to have a history with conclusive data is reduced. It is not necessary to wait 1 year to predict what to do in the second year.

Meaning of the data

These users demand simple and clear indicators on which to make decisions, not untreated data. Sometimes it is not clear what to do with the data obtained.

The main characteristic of an AI software, is that they develop predictive models that generate clear information from complex data.

How can artificial intelligence software be integrated?

It is a software capable of being integrated into low-power hardware devices, even into existing solutions.

It serves as a CLOUD tool for those software based solutions that share their data with the platform. They will work together.

The only thing you need to work is DATA.

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