Smart Cities

Control of air quality, water or noise caused by cities has a great impact on the environment and on the quality of life of citizens.

To manage these parameters in real time in the city, in collyra we propose solutions based on sensors.

Our systems IoT measure any parameter of cities to send them to the cloud. Thus, users can easily access the data via the Internet.

Solutions for the smart city

We offer complete IoT solutions, from hardware to software.


Waste management

Improve waste collection routes by managing the filling level of containers.

Smart lighting

Adapt intensity of the street lights according to the season and the weather.

Smart Streets

Monitor number of vehicles and people to optimize or split traffic according to conditions.

Noise pollution control

Control sound level in urban areas.

Chemical leakage detection

Detection of liquids outside tanks, factories, rivers and pressure variations in probes and pipes.

Environmental pollution control

Control existing gas emissions in cities due to traffic and factories.

Early detection of earthquakes

Monitoring of specific locations susceptible to earthquakes.

Health of buildings

Monitor condition of building materials and infrastructure.

If you would like to know how to integrate our solutions in a specific location in the city, contact us.

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