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IoT technology ready to use

We offer IoT solutions based on sensors for those companies that carry out projects related to this technology.
We provide the tools to measure, send and visualize the information.

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Data processing platform

We have developed a tool to predict future situations from past observations. We analyze data generated by sensors and devices to create predictive models.

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IoT technology for water

With our water quality solution, we can control water quality parameters in applications such as: drinking water, surface water, wastewater, hydroponics, food production, aquaculture and wells.

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Precision agriculture

Solutions to manage plantations and crops without altering traditional practices.
Objectives: improve crop growth density, reduce water/resource costs and avoid accidents.

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Our basic product

Tremor is a device that we use in our different solutions to connect up to 5 sensors, solar panel, USB cable for programming and two antennas for communication.


Our platform for data processing

We have developed software to manage and visualize the information obtained. The data generated by sensors and devices are converted into recommendations.


Case studies

Agriculture, water quality, smart cities… Check out our latest solutions in the different IoT sectors.

What can be done with tremor?


The main objective of our technology is to create sensor networks that provide our customers with a tool for measuring, sending and visualizing the data generated.

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