IoT Sensor Technology in sports to track athlete’s evolution

When playing contact sports, a lot of useful data is passed on to improve both performance and injuries of athletes.

Hand in hand with specialists in these sports, we have been able to work to provide help through technology. The main issue is that there are many unknowns in any sport, but with technology, we can help put numbers to things that previously could not be done, and this is helping to better understand athletes.

To understand the results of an athlete with the current sports average, the normal result for each one or even to identify when one is not having the expected results to be able to act and avoid injuries, are many of the objectives for which, one is resorting to this type of solutions.

Our “smart punch” solution aims to provide additional help to coaches and athletes when monitoring effective strokes in any scoring area (helmets, dungarees, punching bags, leggings… etc).

The current standard in this type of contact sports to monitor punches is summarized in the visual capacity of the people in charge for this. Some decisions that are sometimes prone to errors.

With this technological proposal, we intend that both gyms, contact sports or any center where these sports are practiced, can have such technology to obtain an additional improvement in their developments.

– Detection of effective hits on dungarees, helmets, punching bags and others.

– Rendimiento del deportista a través de los datos obtenidos.

– Ayuda a posibles lesiones durante el entrenamiento y recuperaciones.

Punches monitoring

A project to improve its fighting system through the automation of the counting of the hits that any surface can receive. In this occasion, our sensor technology was integrated in helmets, vests, wheelchairs and punching bags, proving that it can be integrated in any desired surface and interchanged in an easy way.

This project is based on the easy installation of our portable sensor system in the different places and materials where this sport is practiced. With this, it has been achieved not only to measure each punche, but all the information generated is displayed through monitors and LED screens to each athlete and coach.

The devices and sensors that make up our “smart punch” system are:

– Punch sensors to be installed on every demanded surface. LED screens for real time display of each punch.

– USB antenna to receive the information from the sensors wirelessly on a computer.

– “Smart punch” application to process the information generated in the computer.

This information, collected by the knock sensors, is sent at the same time to two different sites, to the LED displays and to the computer with the USB antenna connected. This is done with a purpose, on the one hand so that both spectators, athletes and coaches can see the results in real time and on the other hand, so that all the information is managed later from the computer application.

Solution for a new way of playing sport

This technological advance helps to better absorb the punches, facilitating precision when counting the points, which allows us to do a different type of competition and a more adequate physical preparation for the challenges of sports.

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