Fever detection kit

We present a kit for the detection of fever in people. Designed for any access point.

We have developed a tool so that companies seeking to stop the spread of #COVID19 in their workplaces can have additional support.

This kit allows you to instantly check the body temperature of people who are tested by infrared sensors. These analyses do not require direct contact and the processing time is only a few seconds.

All this information can be shown in different ways according to the needs. From displaying it on any of our CLOUD platforms to obtaining the information with indicator LEDs in the same kit.

Main features

Speed: 15 analyses in less than 1 minute.
Non-contact: Infrared sensors measure the temperature without the need for direct contact with each person.
Autonomous: it has a battery with an autonomy of approximately 24 hours of operation. Also, it can be powered directly from the mains.
Accuracy: temperature measurements are accurate to +-0.2ºC.
Customization: it is a completely scalable solution from the type of sensor to the communication mode.

Would you like to implement this kit in your facilities or integrate it as part of your solutions?
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