Industry 4.0

The industry can speak and at collyra we provide the tools to listen to it.


With our solutions, we aim to reduce inefficiencies and breakdowns in industrial ecosystems before such events occur.

Decrease downtime

Reduce waste of resources and energy

Predicting failures and accidents


In what industry situations can our technology be used?


Gas level control in industrial environments.

Filling status

Filling level or temperature monitoring.

M2M communication

Predictive maintenance, asset control and creation of alarms and warnings.

Location of workers and equipment

Manage number of people in plant or critical materials.

Supply chain management

Supervision of storage and monitoring of products.

Quality in transportation

Real-time control of shocks, openings or cold chain management.

Our product

Tremor is a device that can be connected to a maximum of 5 sensors, solar panel, USB cable for programming and two antennas to communicate. You can use it in your projects as a company or in your solutions as an end user.

– Inteligencia artificial para desarrollar modelos predictivos en base a las medidas de los sensores.

Most used tremor sensors in the industry

– Temperature and humidity.

– Infrared – presence.

– Microwave radar – presence.

– Luminosity.

– Current and voltage.

– Detection of cracks in buildings and structures.

– Color, light and proximity.

– Noise level.

– Ultrasound (fill level).

– Pressure and quantity of liquid.

– Compression and traction.

Do you want to design your own pilot solution before buying more devices?

Try to fill out our pilot solutions form. You can choose the number of tremor devices, sensors, communications and the CLOUD platform you want.


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