The lack of integrated solutions from hardware to application level is a barrier to rapid adoption and many companies find the process of choosing the right hardware, components and then integrating it all difficult.

Knowing what to use in an IoT project is a priority process

Technical Support

After the purchase of our solutions, structured in 1h tickets, we offer a video call service to:
Resolving critical questions.
Step by step guides.
Design solution.

Consulting services

If you are developing an IoT sensorization project and need advice on which devices, sensors, wireless communications and CLOUD platforms to choose, you can count on the experience of our team. This service is structured in 1h vouchers and is done via video call.

Device programming

If you need custom programming of the devices, we offer our factory programming service so you don’t have to worry about programming them. We will simply ask you for your requirements and the devices will be ready to use upon receipt.

Data Analysis (Artificial Intelligence)

In addition to using a CLOUD platform to visualize the data, we offer an artificial intelligence service for complex situations.