Sensors measure physical parameters and convert them into electronic signals.
Without these sensors that digitize our environment, places and objects could not be endowed with intelligence.



Sensors for the management of agricultural plots on the basis of observation, measurement and action.

Ambient temperature and humidity.

Soil temperature.

Volumetric water content, temp and electrical conductivity of the soil.

Soil water potential.

Soil oxygen level.

Solar radiation.

Leaf wetness.

Weather station.

Spectral reflectance sensor.

Conductivity, depth and water temperature sensor.

Wind direction.

Temperature, rel. humidity, barometric pressure and vapor pressure. (SOLAR RADIATION PROTECTION)

Ultrasound – distance.

Wind speed.

Rain gauge.


CO2 gas.

Smart City

Sensors for the management of urban development based on sustainability.

Ambient temperature and humidity.

Gas sensors: CO, CO2, O2, O3, NO, NO2, SO2, H2, H2S, HCl, NH3, HCN, PH3, ETO, CL2.

Agglomeration of people.

Noise level.

Ultrasound – distance.

Amount of particles in the air.


Temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and vapor pressure. (PROTECTION AGAINST SOLAR RADIATION).

Water Quality

Sensors for measuring the chemical, physical, biological and radiological characteristics of water.

Leaks and fill level.


Dissolved oxygen.

Electrical conductivity.

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

Water temperature.

Flow meter.

Pressure and quantity of liquid.

Ion selective electrodes (F-, Cl-, NH4+, K+, NO3-).


Ultrasound (filling level).

RGB color of water.


Sensors to allow in the industry a greater adaptability to the needs and production processes, as well as a more efficient allocation of resources.

Ambient temperature and humidity.

Color, light and proximity.

Infrared – presence.

Noise level and frequency.

Microwave radar – presence.

Ultrasound (filling level).


Pressure and quantity of liquid.

Current and voltage.

Compressions and tractions.

Crack detection in buildings and structures.


Sensors that can be integrated in any sector.

GPS (localization).

Solar panel (Power supply accessory).

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