The Internet of Sport (IoT)

A precise definition of sport could be expressed as “regulated activity, normally of a competitive nature and which can improve the physical condition of those who practice it, and which also has properties that differentiate it from play”.

Speaking in terms of technology, sports have never really needed it. A ball, a racket, nets, goals… and a referee.

However, we are seeing how technology is progressively integrating its benefits into sport. A hawk’s eye, a video referee, scoreboards, replays and endless devices for it.

Pero existe un factor común en las tecnologías que ultimamente se están desarrollando. Ya no es suficiente con analizar una repetición o una acción injusta, ahora necesitamos saber más. Ahora queremos DATOS y estadísticas que analicen el comportamiento de un deportista en un partido, entrenamiento o recuperación.

Track not only the player’s position, but also his speed, hits, acceleration and a host of other statistics in real time.


In Collyra, we are immersed in the development of solutions for many different sports. At first glance, this may attract a little attention.

Do we really need to know that an athlete is running at a certain speed or has hit a punching bag with some frequency?

Or that an athlete’s average acceleration is down 25% today for some reason?

Maybe as a sports fan you don’t need to know this kind of DATA, or maybe you do, it wouldn’t hurt to know what happened to your favorite player so he doesn’t score that goal, but what if there were other consumers who really needed this DATA?

What if coaches, physios and athletes themselves could use the DATA to analyze performance levels and possibly plan improvements?

All these assumptions are what allowed us to decide to develop our smart sports solutions.

Knowing what equipment the fastest runners have or perhaps how many strokes have been made during a training session, for example, could be found with our sports solutions.

In short, DATA can be very exciting. Who knew?

If you would like to know more about the possible solutions we can provide for your sport, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here are some examples.

Water Sports

Olympic Games

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