Solutions to manage plantations and crops without altering traditional practices. Presenting data processed in real time for easy understanding.


The main objectives of our agricultural solutions are focused on improving crop growth density, reducing water/resource costs and avoiding accidents.

Improve crop production

Cost and resource savings

Suitable interpretation of the data generated


In what situations in agriculture can our technology be used?


Optimize the production of fruits and vegetables.

Irrigation Management

Manage water levels to save costs

Meteorological parameters

Monitoring of frost, rain, drought, or wind to take care of the crop.

Pest Control

Prevention of fungi, plagues and contaminants.

Soil quality study

Study of the behavior of the soil by its effect on the crop.

Our product

Tremor is a device that can be connected to a maximum of 5 sensors, solar panel, USB cable for programming and two antennas to communicate. You can use it in your projects as a company or in your solutions as an end user.

– Inteligencia artificial para desarrollar modelos predictivos en base a las medidas de los sensores.

Tremor sensors most used in agriculture

– Environmental sensor of temperature and humidity.

– Volumetric content, temperature and electrical conductivity sensor.

– Volumetric water content sensor for the soil.

– Oxygen level sensor for the soil.

– Solar radiation sensor (pyranometer).

– Ultrasound sensor (distance).

– Light sensor.

– Temperature sensor for the floor.

– Water potential sensor.

– Soil moisture sensor.

– Wind direction sensor.

– Humidity sensor for leaves.

– Weather station.

– Wind speed sensor.

– Rain sensor.

Do you want to design your own pilot solution before buying more devices?

Try to fill out our pilot solutions form. You can choose the number of tremor devices, sensors, communications and the CLOUD platform you want.


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