Crop management

Solutions to better manage plantations and crops without altering traditional practices. Presenting environmental data in real time.

Sometimes the crop’s growth density is low, the cost in water is high, growth can be uneven and unexpected breakdowns can occur. This often makes things difficult.

How does sensor technology improve agriculture?

Thanks collyra, producers are being able to collect real-time data on factors that can affect the quality of plantations during the growing and production processes, including temperature, humidity, CO2, O2, PM, light exposure and many more. This information is sent to the internet for monitoring purposes.

Solutions for agriculture

We offer complete IoT solutions, from hardware to software.



Climate control to optimize fruit and vegetable production

Pest Control

Monitoring of humidity and temperature levels in plantations to prevent fungi, pests and contaminants

Prevention of leaks in irrigation

Management of humidity levels in crops and fields to avoid possible water leaks.

Meteorological parameters

Monitoring of frost, rain, drought, or wind changes to prevent crop problems.

Soil quality control

Soil behavior can be studied under parameters such as oxygen and moisture, which are important for soil redox reactions.

If you would like to know how to integrate our solutions in a specific crop, contact us.

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