In Collyra we are a company based on electronic development and software focused on smart places & things, an integrated of the Internet of Things (IOT).

We are mainly dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of a platform of sensor-based devices for monitoring any parameter in IoT solutions. So we allow to listen to any kind of object or thing, connect it and send that information from the physical to the digital world.

We are a modular platform, not providing a single solution, but making a technology so that when any company anywhere in the world needs to control and parameterize something, we provide the necessary tools.

So if you are a business development company and want to demonstrate a particular solution, you buy the system, install it and work. You don’t need more engineering than that.


Pablo Fdez

Electronic and robotic engineer

After his experience at BMW (Germany), Pablo is in charge of directing the daily operations of the company and the future lines of work.
Marco Vázquez
Tech Lead

Data Engineer

Marco’s main research areas are focused on IoT hardware development along with artificial intelligence.

Alfonso García

MBA in International Business Management

Alfonso’s main objectives are business development and the search for business partners as well as customers and market prospecting.
Ignacio Slez

Ignacio is specialized in business models based on IoT technology and has a great experience in the field of electronics applied to low power devices.